leisure 06.30.10

Hump Day

Not sure it's an improvement over nature, but the CDSea art installation does have a surprising beauty. [Via Design You Trust].
And artist Andres Amador uses sand as his medium in
Playa Paintings. [Via: Brand66]

Broadway composer Jason Robert Brown throws down a challenge online to a teenager named Eleanor: please stop stealing my work.

A numbered edition reprint of a WPA poster, designed by Harry Herzog,
for the City of NY Municipal Airports.

Dutch artist Diet Wiegman transforms found objects into shadow art.

Bad Postcards: vintage Americana (1950-1975) at its wonderful worst.

A smarter smart car, called the T.25 City Car.

Gunkanjima: Ruins of a Forbidden Island—amazing images
of an abandoned island off the coast of Japan.

The 8,500-year history of Istanbul projected on the country's
largest train station.

Today on Wish You Were Here:
Busnel Calvados Distillery

Coney Island

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