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Hump Day

Funny, interesting, and just plain weird websites to help speed you through hump day.

Josh Agle, or Shag as he's known, is a painter and illustrator in the Googie, Jetsony style (an example is pictured). We love his work (and would kill to see a full-length animated feature by him), which is on exhibit at the Earl McGrath Gallery, 20 W. 57th [5th/6th] 212.956.3366, through June 26th.

Nearly 7,000 languages on the planet. Who knew? No bells and whistles on this site, but it is interesting to learn who speaks Rakahanga-Manihiki, Fanagolo, and Xokleng.

Cracker Jack
Cracker Jack is back at Yankee Stadium. Here's one of several sites devoted to the candy-coated popcorn, peanuts, and a prize.

Biblical Mini-Golf Course
Three 18-hole mini-golf courses, each with a biblical theme. Course 1: Old Testament. Course 2: New Testament. Course 3: Miracles. It's at the Lexington Ice Center and Sports Complex in Lexington, Kentucky, where the goal is "To Create A Christ-Like Atmosphere, That is Safe, Clean and Fun!"

Too Stupid to be President
Satiric cartoons of the first order: check out Get Stupid, with its nod to Get Smart, and Rumsfeld, which looks and sounds suspiciously like Seinfeld. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Jell-O Museum
All things Jell-O, but our favorite part is the gift shop. Jell-O clocks! Jell-O brain molds! Jell-O Barbie!

For four years starting in 1960, the Bronx had a theme park called Freedomland. This is a tribute to it.

Sissy Fight
Shenoola scratched Mary Poppins is typical of the bad behavior on this site, "an intense war between a bunch of girls who are out to ruin each other's popularity…" Love it.

Abandoned Stations
Photos, diagrams, and background on the many stations, levels, and platforms that are now ghosts of the subway system.

Robert Wogan
Photographer Robert Wogan documents abandoned or repurposed industrial facilities to often gorgeous effect.

What a Collection!
A website where collectors can show off their stuff, from baseball cards to salt and pepper shakers. The woman who collects coffins has us worried, though.
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Frank Bruni has written and written his first restaurant review (of Babbo) for today's Times.

"Our waiter circled back, explaining that the dish languished a step shy of its full potential, beatified but not yet sanctified…"

"Among the restaurants that make my stomach do a special jig…"

"That soundtrack, the strangely deliberate fruit of Mr. Batali's own iPod…"

"…the sound and scrum of Babbo."

"Although he has lustily embraced celebrity chefdom and taken many mistresses…Babbo is the beloved spouse to which his heart still belongs."

Heavens to Murgatroid! Please don't let Mr. Bruni be this tone deaf to the way we eat now. Maybe it's first-time jitters, but the writing made our stomach do a special jig, and that's not a good thing.

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