leisure 03.11.09

Hump Day

Eerie and memorable images by Norwegian photographer Christian Houge
of the Arctic as well as Barentsburg, Russia,
which gives new meaning to the word forlorn.

Lots of good stuff at Restaurant-ing through history, including the story of Thomas Downing, son of freed slaves, who opened a successful oyster cellar on Broad Street in the 1820s.

Retro-Future: To The Stars! – how the world (and beyond) might look someday from imaginations past.

Some musical/keyboard fun thanks to Dub Selector
[via What About the Plastic Animals?].

Wonders and Marvels is 'A Community for Curious Minds who love History,
its Odd Stories, and Good Reads' – catnip for us.

Many of these countries are in the news every day. Can you sort them out in this Geography Quiz? (A little help for you in the image).

Hemeroscopium House is an interesting architectural experiment,
with a cantilevered swimming pool.

west twenty-fifth street

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