leisure 03.23.05

Hump Day

Our monthly attempt to reduce workplace productivity.

Nigerian Fraud Email Gallery
Copies of over 500 variations of what's come to be known as the Nigerian email scam (though the letters purport to come from a number of countries). And here, a website that thoughtfully provides a customizable reply to the scam letters ("First of all, I want to relay to you how saddened I am to hear of what has befallen your Father, Dr. Gubwano Mumbasa…")

5 Minutes to Live
"Blue Demon & Zovek in The Invasion of the Dead," "Mr. T's Be Somebody or Be Somebody's Fool," and the "Turkish Wizard of Oz" — DVDs of movies you've never seen/should never see/ thought you'd never find again.

Chalk-on-pavement symbols devised for paranoids to communicate with each other about mind control hot spots and other dangers.

Secret Fun Spot
Retro-culture galleries: Whamo-Toys like Super Stuff, novelties, and a short film called "Flip."

Extreme Ironing
We had a brief infatuation with cheese racing, but how you can beat extreme ironing — "the latest danger sport that combines the thrills of an extreme outdoor activity with the satisfaction of a well-pressed shirt."

Bert Christensen'sWeird, Strange & Just Plain Bad Art Collection
There are other bad art websites, but we're especially taken with this one.

Jet-Powered Bar Stool
Pub crawls will never be the same.

The Mighty Desk Wobbler
The object: keep stuff from falling off the table and pick up the noodles.

Fading Ads
Frank H. Jump photographs those fading ads on the sides of buildings for Fletcher's Castoria, Miss Weber Millinery, and other brief glimpses of a vanished NY.

Bird Feeder Cam
A follow-up to the Bee Cam.

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