leisure 03.30.16

Hump Day

By the Sea is cartographer Andy Woodruff's exploration of what we would see, if we could see, directly across the sea.
[via: Wired]

Gotta love this idea: Radiooooo is a musical time machine that let's you tune in to music from different decades, different locales and a choice of styles: slow, fast or weird.

Erosion, a compelling short film by Brandon Bloch, Tim Sessler and Brandon Bray about kinetics that demonstrates how central the freedom of movement (movement in its most encompassing sense) is to life in NYC. It implies great loss when that movement is curtailed.

Possibly the best dog snore ever.

Terrarium lamps

A farm in your supermarket. Coming next?

Tattoo/optical illusion

Unusual Underpasses by Gisela Erlacher

Lower East Side

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