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Hump Day

We love the Bright Feet Slippers that come with built-in headlights for nighttime spins around the house. Before heading down to the loo, be sure to grab your clown horn in case you need to dodge any oncoming traffic.

So Suave
Our absolute fave along these lines is a book written in the '60s for teenage girls called How to Get a Teen-Age Boy and What To Do With Him When You Get Him (someday we'll share some choice quotes with you). This website, which we think is not meant ironically, promises to impart the "secrets of meeting, dating, and attracting women." It's brought to you by the Don Juan Center.

Things My Girlfriend and I Have Argued About
It's clear that the guy who has collected all the argument topics is not a 'suave' graduate from the Don Juan Center. The accompanying picture, by the way, is the rollover image of the girlfriend, whose name is Margret. In the divorce, we choose Margret.

Global Shakeup
A serious omission not to have run any snowdome websites in our Hump Day series. This one not only has snowdomes but floaty pens. Floaty pens!

This answers the burning question, 'if I dig a hole all the way through the earth, where would I come out?'

No Crack
We applaud, with gently moisturized hands, the Dumont Company of Wisconsin, which has been making this hand cream since 1942, for sticking with the name.

Tacky Treasures
Among the jewels, the world's largest collection of Mark Eden Bust Developers, a rubber band vest, and the Popener (pictured) — a bottle opener souvenir from the Vatican with an image of Pope John Paul II on it.

Toast Art
New Zealander Maurice Bennett is an artist who uses toast to create his works of art. Yes, all kinds of bad puns come to mind. No, no crack from us.

Micro Art
Ukrainian artist Mykola Syadristy created jaw-dropping microminiatures such as the one shown here. This one may prove that it's easier for a camel (four of them!) to pass through the eye of a needle than it is for a So Suave graduate to enter the dating pool.

2nd Email Today from MUG
You'll be getting a second email from us today — a sponsored email from the Makor/92nd Street Y folks who have a great program called Daytime@ they want to tell you about (there's a special discount for MUG readers, too). Yes, indeedy, we're demolishing the editorial/advertising wall here by saying we hope you'll read it and go to one of the events. You'll enjoy it, our sponsor will be happy, and we'll have enough money in the bank to buy ourselves a snowdome, or maybe some toast art.

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