leisure 05.19.10

Hump Day

Joel Sartore's gorgeous images of endangered species are collected in Rare and are available as individual prints. [via Neatorama]

Guerilla Paint Action in Berlin
Cyclists dump paint on the road which becomes the canvas, car tires become the paintbrushes. [The paint washes off with water and is not harmful to the environment.]

More guerilla action: Improv Everywhere ghostbusts
the NY Public Library.

I Am Not an Artist
'An animated GIF paranoia about nonstop design workers.'

Gravity-defying performance art by Johan Lorbeer.

What is It? collects tools and other objects
that may stump you when it comes to their function.

We love the idea of this Comfort Zone Display that tells you which cars in the upcoming train are least crowded. MTA ETA: HA

A tender, moving reunion
between conservationist Damian Aspinall
and the gorilla named Kwibi he spent five years raising
before releasing him into the wild.

Today on Wish You Were Here:
Mama Shelter

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