leisure 05.7.08

Hump Day

Our monthly spin around the web, part of an ongoing effort to reduce workplace productivity by 43%.

These images of animals—pigs, bats, dogs, elephants, and a series on horses—are among the most beautiful and affecting we've ever seen. The extraordinarily gifted photographer is Tim Flach.

Beauty is the subject of Naomi Pitcairn's Beautyometer, which gives you a slide control to change a symmetrically beautiful face into one that is presumably less so—though the question of what constitutes beauty is very much to the point.

Guinness has determined that the $1 billion pool, opened last year at Chile's San Alfonso del Mar resort, is the world's largest. Does Dubai know about this? Images here.

Here's a short story, written by an unknown author in the 19th century, in which every word begins with W. What's not clear is why reading it is such an irritating experience. Maybe we've had enough of W for a lifetime.

A fascinating project we learned about via LFSTYL: Lena Gieseke's recreation of Guernica in 3D.

A nifty idea, tailor-made for the web, and one that requires no explanation: YoungMe - NowMe.

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