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Hump Day

Our monthly spin around the web, part of an ongoing effort to reduce workplace productivity by 43%.

That thing pictured — a Munnopsis — grows that way. It's supposed to look like that. More of these mind-blowing creatures in the recently published book The Deep: The Extraordinary Creatures of the Abyss. [Photo: Kevin Raskoff]

This eBay auction, which closes tomorrow, may be our single favorite Hump Day entry ever. The item description: "My imaginary friend, Jon Malipieman, is getting too old for me now. I am now 27 and I feel I am growing out of him. He is very friendly. Along with him, I will send you what he likes and dislikes, his favourite things to do and his personal self portrait." There have been 32 bids so far, with the current bid at £1650.01.

"I think there is a world market for maybe five computers." — Thomas Watson, chairman of IBM, 1943. A great post of 'some very funny and totally wrong predictions of the past' courtesy of Thought Mechanics.

Northern Lights photos — one jaw-dropper after another.

More pics: this one is a collection of amusing print, billboard and street ads.

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