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Hump Day

Project Euh
The creator of this highly imaginative Dutch website says what he does is create small experiments. They're hard to describe generally, except to say the experiments play with the form of the medium as much as anything, and there's an obvious intelligence at work and a sense of humor, too.

Blue Ball Machine
If Rube Goldberg were alive, he would have created this blue ball processing contraption. Don't look for sense, just follow along.

List of Unusual Deaths
From Wikipedia, some notable exits: Chrysippus in 207 B.C. dying of laughter, President Zachary Taylor's run-in with milk and cherries, and whiskey maker Jack Daniel kicking his safe when he couldn't remember the code, which led to a toe injury, which led to blood poisoning, which led to his death. T'oh!

Eternal Egypt
Unlike most of our choices, which are designed to help you waste time, this one is actually both enlightening and interesting. It's a well-designed site through which you can explore ancient Egyptian culture, using articles, photos, animations, webcams, maps, and virtual environments.

Sumo Sushi Soccer
Back to time-wasting. Here, you take the part of one Sumo wrestler and try to kick a sushi roll into the goal post.

Knowledge for Thirst
We found this one via Daily Gusto: smartly titled and written, this website reviews soft drinks. The Mr. Pibb riff is especially funny.

South Africa's Potato Cannons
'Impressive to any red-blooded male,' according to the website, which also claims not to endorse the construction of these weapons that, indeed, shoot potatoes. The red-blooded males we know were impressed only with the fact that anyone would bother weaponizing spuds.

NYC Sky Clock
This is designed to give astronomers a head's up on when the sky will be clearest for astronomical observing.

Swarm Sketch
A collaborative sketching project that changes weekly. You can add your own line to this week's Snakes on a Plane (which is the name of the new action flick starring Samuel L. Jackson).
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