leisure 11.10.10

Hump Day

Damn You Autocorrect
Google, at least, asks 'did you mean…' — texting with the iPhone means… not always what you mean it to mean.

Wearable Geometry
Exactly how wearable these dresses are isn't clear, though they are definitely attention-getters. [via: Like Cool]

How to Make Your Own Scratch and Sniff Map
Nicola Twilley chronicles her cartolfactory journey.

Shifting People
Even after reading an explanation of how the number of people in this image grows from 12 to 13, we still don't quite get it.

Robert Tabor Shoes
Funny, crazy, delightful takes on footwear.

50 Museum Exhibits You Can Enjoy Online
No admission fee, no Acoustiguide, no crowds — the virtues of virtual.

3D Sidewalk Chalk Art
Since we last checked in on the world's chalkistes,
lots of new, groundbreaking (har) work.

Thrill of the Catch
Create, feed, catch, and learn about fish at Discovery's interactive site.

311 NY
Wired magazine analyzes the hundred million calls
that have been placed to 311 since 2003.

How to Mellify A Corpse
Vicki León's book makes fascinating company.

Glove to Chipmunk
An Etsier explains the process.

Today on Wish You Were Here:
Versailles + Murakami


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