leisure 11.16.05

Hump Day

Ghillie Suits
Wouldn't someone on your holiday gift list like a ghillie suit? Yes. Yes, they would.

New York Underground
Part of National Geographic's site, we love this slice of the underground's underground (pictured). You can get audio and photo tours of the city's subterranean infrastructure, and see the scale version of same.

Mars Panorama
There's something so immediate about this Mars panorama that we like to visit occasionally, kick around some rocks, and look off into the Atomic Tangerine (to use the Crayola color wheel) horizon.

Rotating Illusion
There's surely a sound reason why we evolved so that our eyes perceive these spiral things as rotating. But it kinda creeps us out.

Underwater Habitats
As second homes go, these would make an unconventional choice. Click on 'habitats' and choose among the Trilobis, the Neptus, and the Jellyfish.

Raw meat vs. Lizard (lizard wins)
A video clip of a Japanese game show that manages to make "The Amazing Race" look Shakespearean.

Banana Museum
Predictable, yes. And not the only one of its kind on the net. Page Dr. Freud if you like, but we love the collected images.

Korla Pandit
More of a West Coast phenom than one of our own, Korla Pandit, exotica music purveyor extraordinaire, is surely due a revival, no? To be frank, no. But you can sample and purchase his brand of cheese at iTunes, so that's something.

Iorio International Accordion Museum
If we thought you'd stand for it, we'd have an accordion link every Hump Day. This site has a picture of the Iorio Accordion Factory that was in the Carl Fischer building from 1935-1947 (they had an earlier factory at Broadway and Prince).

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