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Hump Day

Our monthly spin around the web, part of an ongoing effort to reduce workplace productivity by 43%.

The Dead Letter
Creepy, but in a compelling way. Here's the setup: "You are now dead. You just died. You don't know how it happened, you don't know what happens now. The only thing you know for certain is that your life is over. This is your opportunity to write one letter to the world. You may say anything you want. You may use as many or as few words as necessary. What will you say?"

Pillow Pal
Hey, speaking of death, the fetching young lady in bed reading a Jack Higgins novel is packing heat, or at least her mattress is, thanks to her PillowPal Holster Holder. The website helpfully points out that it could be used to stow a stun gun or a can of aerosol chemical agent instead of a handgun. We don't know about you, but our dreams are never sweeter than when we're snuggling up to a can of chemical agent.

The 700 Hoboes Project
This site is inspired by John Hodgman's book Areas of My Expertise. It's a collection of 700 illustrations by cartoonists based on historical hobo names found in Hodgman's book. As the site points out, it's meant "as an homage to the wandering men and women who chose to ride the rails during and before The Great Depression, and not the contemporary urban (or rural) poor."

Location Earth Dog Tag
Hey, how can you lose? If you're ever abducted by aliens, these dog tags not only have a map with several ways to locate Earth in the Galaxy, they come with a money back guarantee, too: "Should you ever be abducted by aliens while wearing Location Earth Dog Tags and not returned safely to Earth, you will be entitled to a full refund of the purchase price."

Just Letters
It's just moving 'magnetic' letters around to form words, but it gets competitive as people have the nerve to snatch letters from you — payback, however, is sweet.

Dull Men's Club
Oh, yes, indeed. Videos of grass growing. The Joy of Concrete. And a consideration of such weighty matters as why more airport luggage carousels rotate counterclockwise than clockwise. We could go on and on on. And on.

Beer Mats
And while we're on the subject, this nice young man (we're making the assumption that Selwyn is a man) has posted his beer mat collection for all of us to enjoy.

Slim Geek
Multitaskers, rejoice! From Slim Geek comes the Geek-a-Cycle, a workstation/exercise bike. A little geek humor from the site: "computer and model not included." Oh, har!

Mental Floss Geography Challenge
This took us a down a peg. Yes, we could pick out where Spain is. Indonesia, no problem. But Burkina Faso…

Is it Friday?
There's something to be said for a site that does one thing and does it well. Related: Is it 5:30?


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