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Hump Day

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A serious case of helicoidmania, but this one presents beautifully, with 150 images grouped together celebrating the shape in all its twirly goodness: staircases of course, parasols, snails, tendrils, pebbles, and sky.

Mughal India
This site is courtesy of the British Museum, which hasn't lost its charm in this digital classroom manifestation. It's as if you're in the museum's Mughal India Room after hours and you can poke around to your heart's content. Ingenious.

Don't do it: a karaoke rendition of Volare, impossible to follow (except for the chorus) and impossible to get out of your head.

George W. Bush Speechwriter
Drag-and-drop speechwriting, allowing you to assemble a stem-winder with phrases such as 'electronically bugged,' 'not good for world peace' and 'some of the most lethal weapons ever devised' and then hear POTUS deliver it.

A game with charmingly simple drawings and no clearcut rules or goal — it's all about the little orange goblinly thing and its journey. More fun than we've managed to make it sound.

163 American Interventions
There's an interesting and enlightening book called Overthrow, by Stephen Kinzer, published earlier this year, about regime change as a recurring strategy of American foreign policy. In the same vein, this website tracks 163 interventions, coups, and incursions undertaken by Uncle Sam in the past two centuries.

Why aren't there more Vanna White dolls out there? it's an outrage. So so wrong. There are these frankly sorry specimens, though Vanna looks delightful as ever in a dress Jocelyn Wildenstein would love.

Vintage Vending
Retro kitsch: flamingo swizzle sticks, repro signs, a pink poodle bobblehead, and fake display food.

Popularity Dialer
Arrange to have yourself called at a particular number at a particular time, with a pre-recorded person asking you questions such as, 'what are you doing later?' What's especially sad is that after we found the site, we set up a call for ten minutes later, answered it, talked to the tape, and enjoyed it.

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