leisure 10.10.07

Hump Day

Even if the Richophone and the Zenith Radio Hat never existed, The Museum of Lost Interactions makes a persuasive case for an alternate technological history.

We're not big on the awww kind of pic but this abandoned macaque's story and his new main squeeze is pretty darn irresistible.

You'll need to stare at the video for about a minute. But then you get a really good optical illusion for your time.

Propellers, engines, wheels—almost any aeronautical salvage—is repurposed into furniture by Moto Art.

Arborsculptor Richard Reames has a new book out about the art of shaping tree trunks—it's cool stuff with eco-benefits.

What if someone had a photoblog 100 years ago? That's the neat idea behind Shorpy, where a time machine meets the internet.


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