leisure 10.14.09

Hump Day

'Where would you wish to wake up tomorrow?' is the simple question posed to 50 people in Brooklyn and the range of emotions it elicits in the short film Fifty People, One Question makes it compelling, even affecting, to watch. This is a followup by the Crush + Lovely studio (great name!) to the same setup with 50 people in London.

These ghost towns and cities have been abandoned
for a number of reasons – natural and manmade;
what's left behind is eerie and eerier. (Via Flavorpill)

Ooh and aah-worthy Autumn Scenes.

Kraft riled up Australians by naming their new cheesy Vegemite product iSnack 2.0. Now they've chosen a new name for it.

While we're talking Aussie, a memorable short film by Eddie White and Ari Gibson called The Cat Piano, is narrated by Nick Cave.

Even if we're not entirely sure of the usefulness of the 4000+ word
Visual Dictionary, it still makes for fun browsing.

Cool Train Pix is an excellent collection of same.

From MUG reader Sharon Kleinhandler comes this image:
Tunnel to Tower Run, Veterans

lower east side

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