leisure 10.15.08

Hump Day

MUG's monthly attempt to reduce workplace productivity.

Photoburst is a daily travel photo contest.
Some of the shots are standard issue, but many are worth a look.

Seasonal fun: pumpkins here and here.

Whether or not the photos say 'yum', Betty Lives may persuade you that Mid-Century Cooking in a Post-Modern World makes sense.

There's no particular point to Play With Spider,
though it might cure (or cause) arachnophobia.

American World
Too close for comfort.

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The front end to a design contest sponsored by a Japanese firm: one gentleman and his many clones who spell out words with head bowing. File under H for huh?

We don't know if all these Amazing Coincidences are true, but some really are amazing.

At the Heart Attack Grill in Chandler, Arizona, you can get the Quadruple Bypass Burger with a side of Flatliner Fries ('deep-fried in pure lard!'), Jolt Cola, and end with a pack of unfiltered Lucky Strikes. Actuarially speaking, not good for repeat business.


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