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Hump Day

Half Bakery
A repository of fictitious inventions: milk that changes color when it goes bad, a nervous car passenger fake brake-pedal seatbelt tensioner, and homing socks are a few of the entries.

This is a website devoted to "all things queer in horror cinema." Their tagline: Be Afraid. Be Fairy Afraid.

Shakespeare Insult Kit
Not just fun for academics any more. This website provides the raw materials for epithet-zinging, Bard-style. You just combine one word from each of three columns, start it with a "thou", and you have such comeback-proof insults as 'Thou mammering, fen-sucked maggot-pie.'

Fine Words Butter No Parsnips
A promising fledgling webzine featuring fiction, art (including "Waiting Room" by Maureen O'Hara Pesta, pictured), and photography.

Church Sign Generator
We're going to hell in a handbasket, no doubt about it, but this website allows us to indulge our blaspheming ways.

Lucy Bible Study
Religion again, this time in the form of the I Love Lucy Bible Study that "takes lessons learned from the classic 'I Love Lucy' TV show and uses them as a discussion starter for small group study."

The International High IQ Society
Some fun IQ tests — fun until we saw our results. Well, it's always ha, ha, ha, before it's hoo, hoo, hoo.

My Cat Hates You
Claims the "largest collection of sour-faced, indignant felines on the Internet."

Svenska Dansband
Though these bands may never have won Eurovision, they have our undying admiration for their carefully coordinated outfits.

Street Paintings
Mostly, these are things you just walk around, or step on with a twinge of guilt. But here are a few extraordinary examples.

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