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Hump Day
Out of Town: Crabs at Cantler's

A stretch of Norway's Atlantic Road.

Deep Fried Gadgets—you ask why,
Henry Hargreaves says why not?
[Via: gBlog]

An email from teacher Rena Bonne: "Please take a minute and look at this video about Lexy, a dog from the Manhattan Animal Care & Control. My high school students, so moved by her story, made this video."
Lexy, an Ordinary Dog. Great job.

Gorgeous glass gem corn.

Skywalking, the new teenage trend of extreme photography in Russia, yields cool photos and all. Seems like a really bad idea, though.

Speaking of ideas, especially those of the half-baked variety, Half Bakery introduces ideas like a literal ATM handshake, and lets you vote for or against the initial concept.

Street Anatomy maps the crossroads of anatomy and pop culture. Compelling, sometimes discomfiting, sometimes beautiful.

Soft sells don't get better than The Penguin English Library opens its doors, an animated video by Woof Wan-Bau for the publisher's new collection of the 100 of the best novels in the English language.

Less subtle, though far funnier from this vantage point, is this 1972 video with Joey Heatherton, a behind-the-scenes look at the making of a Serta mattress commercial with la Heatherton.

OUT OF TOWN: Crabs at Cantler's

Here's our problem with crabs.

And maybe it's just us.

But you can eat crab cakes at a dozen places and crack crabs at a dozen other meals and disappointment is the thing you remember most. Lobster doesn't treat you that way.

Still, crabs have many an admirer and those fans know you have to consider the source. And for an unimpeachable source, you want Maryland and–zooming in further–you want to eat crabs at Cantler's.

The waterfront restaurant in Mill Creek, part of Annapolis, has been serving blue crabs since 1974 and people have lined up for the pleasure ever since. Fishermen unload the crates right on their dock, so the time between catch and plate is brief. Whether you eat inside or out, you'll find the lively, informal atmosphere conducive to the business at hand: excavating the meat.

For once, the joys of crab become clear.

Cantler's Riverside Inn
458 Forest Beach Road
Annapolis, MD


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