leisure 06.10.09

Hump Day
Plus: Exclusive from Ted Baker

A Mary Poppins sound sampling called Expialidocious, created by an ingenious young Aussie named Pogo, is crazily addictive and unaccountably affecting.

First Sounds, a collaborative of audio historians, features the earliest recorded sounds.

Our first reaction to seeing Darvaz: The Door to Hell was 'hoax'. But now we're not sure. Strange if true.

Awkward Family Photos is a repository of same – cheerfully 'spreading the awkwardness' of badly coiffed and clad families posing for the camera.

The baby picture that's our main image today is from Awkward Family Photos (see above), voluntarily submitted by the adult version of the momentarily possessed baby – a good sport indeed. Yet there's more baby goodness to be surfed.

Shown with Pixar's Up, Partly Cloudy is an animated short about a dark cloud who may not create the gentlest baby animals, but who does his best. Adorable. Watch it here.

Camille Allen makes uncannily lifelike baby dolls. [via Crooked Brains]

Two public librarians catalogue Awful Library Books that includes things like Diseases from Space and Those Amazing Leeches.

Readernaut is a site in beta that lets you store notes about books you've read, review and rate them, see what other people are reading, and build a wishlist.

As its name suggests, Cake Wrecks shares every caketastrophe it can find: "Well job done!"

Looking for Quisp cereal? Or Skybars? How about Junket or Squirt? If you grew up on My-T-Fine pudding, nothing else will do. Pin your hopes on The Hard-to-Find Grocer.
Exclusive for MUG readers!
Ted Baker, 107 Grand [Mercer] 212.343.8989, is celebrating its 21st birthday. From June 14th to 22nd, MUG readers get a discount of 30% off all men's and women's items from their spring/summer 09 collection and an extra 10% off merch previously reduced. Print this offer and bring it with you to receive the discount.


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