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Hump Day
Plus: Nominate MUG!

Subway Life was a project by António Jorge Gonçalves, who sketched hundreds of people sitting in subway trains, in 10 cities around the world.

The internet is a series of tubes! And La Photo Cabine is an old-timey photo booth they fit inside your computer! [Hat tip: @Photo360]

Previously inanimate New Yorkers speak out in The Lost Tribes of NYC, a short, sweet film.

Ignore the use of "most unique" and enjoy these most unusual Golf Courses.

201 Beautiful Modern Menorahs

Dumb Warning Labels, including the warning to 'use care when operating a car' on a bottle of pills for a dog.

Old Chevy ads defines bittersweet.

Time Ticker: a nicely designed world clock.

Happy 11/11, 11:11

Hey, MUG has never won anything – maybe there's a reason for that. But maybe not!

We've never actually tried to get ourselves nominated for a web award, though something's gotten into us lately and we really want to win Mashable's Best Local Blog award. Would you be so kind as to nominate us here? It only takes a second (and you need a Twitter account to do it – the Facebook connection seems funky at the moment).

Nominations close November 15th so we won't bother you with this again. And Chicago rules apply – you can nominate more than once. By the way, there's no prize, just bragging rights. Help MUG win 'em! Thank you!!

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