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Hump Day

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Seventies Design—no, it's not an oxymoron. OK, well, maybe it is. Cars, clothes, furniture, film and TV—it's catalogued here in bright orange and leftover-'60s hot pink, beanbag chairs and all.

We've got a thing for urban ruins—that mix of beauty and melancholy always gets us. Opacity, a website which tracks same, is a great collection.

Among the Strange Artifacts on this website, the Piri Reis map from 1513, which includes the Antarctic region 300 years before it was discovered and an accurate depiction of the coastline that is under the ice. Whoa.

And speaking of whoa, say hello to Wiggles Dog Wigs.

A collection of mysteries, oddities, and strange stuff found on Google maps courtesy of Map of Strange.

There's no point to Wildcard, absolutely none, except that you can make swirly things on your computer and then more swirly things. Which beats finishing your expense report or attacking your inbox. Swirl, baby, swirl!

Just a little running, jumping, avoid the creepy spiders kind of game—Fancy Pants makes a virtue of simplicity.

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