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Hump Day

MUG's monthly attempt to reduce workplace productivity.

Those astonishing-looking trees are found on Socotra in the Indian Ocean. Dark Roasted Blend called it The Most Alien-Looking Place on Earth. They may be right, but we'd sure like to visit it. [Images: Jan Vandorpe]

Oh, we're concerned about this one all right: it's the 12-inch Hannibal Lecter action figure, dressed in a straightjacket and orange prison garb. Mind-boggling, yet seductive. You can also find a talking HL here.

Why would you need a saw in the production of a book? Well, you don't any more, but you did at one time. Someday, we suppose, kids will grow up with only a Kindle or subsequent reading devices. They can look at this video and see how the quaint idea of producing a book was done. (Will they still have 'videos'?)

From Moscow's Krasnaya Presnya Center, a group of Ice Sculptures that Tavern on the Green could only dream about.

Some interesting composites of celebrities and political leaders, splicing photos and bank notes. Ulysses S. Grant and Brad Pitt go surprisingly well together, as do Hugh Laurie and Andrew Jackson (pictured).

So we actually lost weight and packed on the pounds trying to unravel what the Times is trying to tell us: On September 2nd in Science Times, they posed the question: "Does extra mental effort burn more calories?" Yes, they said, though they allowed "it would take years for the difference to show up on the scales." But then yesterday in Science Times, they posed the question: "Does thinking make you fat?" They cited a Canadian study that found "people eat more after an intellectual exercise than they do after just sitting quietly for the same amount of time."

Tonight at the Apple Store Soho, 103 Prince [Greene], one of our favorite Renaissance men, Mark Hurst, author of Bit Literacy, will help you discover how to work more productively. The talk is from 6:30-8pm and the event is free.

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