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Hump Day

Our monthly attempt to reduce workplace productivity.

Pets in Uniform
This is wrong, just so wrong.

Left to My Own Devices
A snappily designed, interactive website featuring a jumpy blue man. Now you're on your own.

World Beard Championships
No, Katie Holmes has nothing to do with it. This event is for follicularly endowed gents (the current world champ is pictured) and takes place in Berlin in October. Wish we could be there.

Bad Haiku
Over 32,000 bad haiku submitted over eight years.

Ukrainian Bus Shelters
Another one that sounds like a joke, but they're actually beautiful, if run down.

Phobia List
Paraskavedekatriaphobia, we learned, is fear of Friday the 13th and pteronophobia is the fear of being tickled by feathers.

Just how we like our games: pointless, yet satisfying.

Know Your Money
On the Secret Service's website, a primer on how to detect counterfeit money. Weirdly compelling.
Katrina Relief
Dear MUG,This seems like a really nice way to do something small and easy yet meaningful and tangible for countless kids affected by the hurricane. The idea of sending a check to the Red Cross is starting to seem so abstract and indirect, to me anyway:

VH1's new disaster outreach program "Get Up Stand Up" will fill a truck of urgently needed supplies to the Mercy Corps Gulf Coast command center. According to the folks at Mercy Corps, what they need most are backpacks for K-12-year-olds and lots of them, filled with age-appropriate pens, 
notebooks, rulers, etc. On Friday, September 23rd and Monday, September 26th, go to 1515 Broadway (actually, 46th and Broadway on Friday and 45th between Bway and 8th on Monday) with a backpack filled with school supplies that a kid can use. Please label with tape on the front of the backpack which age group it is intended for and whether or not the contents are gender specific. Any of the following are needed. For Elementary School kids, small stuffed animals, water-based markers or crayons, binder with loose-leaf paper, colored pencils, ruler, box for storing supplies, blunt-end scissors, drawing pad, erasers, glue stick. Middle School: binder with loose leaf notebook paper, flashlight, highlighter, colored pencils, ruler, box for storing supplies, erasers, glue stick, two #2 pencils, pencil sharpener.
High School: small calculator, calendar assignment book, binder with loose-leaf notebook paper, flashlight, highlighter, ruler, erasers, two #2 pencils, pencil sharpener. Please indicate with tape on the outside of the backpack which age range it's intended for and whether or not the contents are gender specific.

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