leisure 09.22.10

Hump Day

Even the artistically-challenged can make colorful,
swirly fun, with the help of the Flame website.

Pulp fiction covers—in various shades of lurid, swaggering, and ominous— come to 3-D life thanks to Thomas Allen's Art Made from Book Covers.

Cul de sacs, no exits, and missed opportunities are all part of the allure of labyrinths, celebrated by the Labyrinth Society. [Via: Presurfer]

This Architecture Office by Iwan Baan is almost guaranteed
to give you cubicle envy.

Music and the Brain
A fascinating series of lectures on the ways in which our brains
process and interact with music.

Building Ads

A clan of hyenas, a sowse of lions, a prickle of hedgehogs, a sounder of swine, and all the collective nouns you could want. 

Don't look for political correctness with these maps—that's precisely not the point of Mapping Stereotypes. [Via: mcwetboy]

Cat lovers will be charmed by this Ikea ad
with an 'awww' of a last shot.

Today on Wish You Were Here:
Queens County Fair

West Thirties

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