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Hump Day

We might have gone with Copland over Smetana for the soundtrack, but otherwise this computer graphic version of the building of Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater is a delight.

Curious Expeditions has a compendium of library interiors and it's one of the most beautiful collections of rooms we've ever seen. A serious wow!

Web synchronicity from the band Sour.
Fun, and an impressive bit of legerdecam.

Commentary (or indeed full names) from the the impossible cool would evidently not be cool, so the images of movies stars, directors, singers, photographers, athletes, writers and artists are left to speak for themselves. They do.

Here's a buzzkill for you: the endlessly haunting, elegiac images by Timm Seuss of his two days spent in the Chernobyl zone of exclusion.
[Via: CultCase]

Addict-o-matic gives you a pleasant sense of empowerment. Type in any topic that interests you and you get an instant web page, lightly customizable, made up of search results from Google, Twitter, Facebook, Yahoo, YouTube, and many others. Rinse, repeat.

From one of our best tippers, Tony F.: the work of artist Tom Matt, which includes a series that uses the front page (usually) of the NY Times as the artist's canvas, onto which a city scene is drawn.

Turn on the sound and you'll hear so many words crying out for help in Save the Words that it's sad you can't help all of them. Still, you can choose one (or more) to adopt and use, thus warding off its extinction. We're caring for squiriferous.

A good idea from a reader:
"Re: bottled water, please think about promoting home soda machines, another way to honor NYC's great tap and not create tons of plastic/glass waste. Soda Stream makes ones that take up very little room on the counter top and of course saves you money in the long run…never mind some of the good flavors that allow you to control the sugar and grape-i-ness of your homemade grape soda… lots of pros.

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