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Hump Day
Walking Off the Big Apple

This five-minute video recounts the true story of how the young soccer fans of a small Thai island built their own field of dreams. It's actually a bank ad, but you can definitely file it under 'heartwarming'.

Megalomania—for all you dystopians out there.

"Watch yer back" won't help much getting around this Underground City, created in a Hamburg field.

Oreo Cameos by Judith K. Klausner

Hard to Find Grocer: Junket, Count Chocula, and Peter Pan Whipped (which sounds like a different website altogether).

A night in a bubble. [Photo: Philippe Huguen/AFP]

Nice idea: Vintage Children's Books My Kid Loves

Optical illusion?

Cultural and literary notes, plus self-guided walks, courtesy of Walking Off the Big Apple, a strolling guide to New York City.

Breakfast at Standard and Poor's

Standard and Poor's downgrading of the credit rating of the United States sent enough shock waves through the global financial markets early this week that a morning walk to its headquarters at 55 Water Street seemed like a good idea. The corporate building that houses the firm, built in 1972 by Emery Roth & Sons and at the time the largest private office building in the world, does not warrant that much attention, but setting out on a stroll near this intersection of Water Street and Coenties Slip, the latter an old walkway named in Herman Melville's Moby Dick, provides yet another opportunity to walk off the Wall Street bears. The walk around the Financial District brings several pleasures - small charming plazas, a mostly hidden garden, and breathtaking views of urban canyons, not to mention the generally hectic scenes around Wall Street at the beginning of a trading day. It's easy to find good strong coffee down here.

Second Avenue

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