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Hump Day
Walking Off the Big Apple

The Aurora is a short, awe-inspiring film
by Terje Sorgjerd of the aurora borealis
in the area of Russia north of Finland.

Best new ice cream:
Blueberry Crumble (Häagen-Dazs)

Best new ice cream name:
Clusterfluff (Ben & Jerry's)

This week in optical illusions
The painting shows a Bengal tiger.
But can you find the hidden tiger?
Take a closer look here.

We love this sweet and funny ad
for a South American soda.

Theo Jansen's Strandbeest, a new form of life
made from yellow plastic tubes
and able to walk on wind.

The EOL, or Encyclopedia of Life, is on its way to being
the database for all 1.9 million species on the planet.
Strandbeest not included.

Berlin artist Maike Ammann
does some very cool things with light.

They Draw & Cook takes the idea of a recipe site
and adds the nifty extra ingredient of illustration,
like this one for Marmalade Flapjacks by Matt Dawson.
[Via: Brain Pickings]

I just did a spring clean out and want to know where I can donate all this stuff? Answer

Travels to a boutique hotel in Mexico that starts
at $85 per person a night

Cultural and literary notes, plus self-guided walks, courtesy of Walking Off the Big Apple, a strolling guide to New York City.

iPhone Apps for New York Culture On the Go

For those wanting to know more about the Met's exhibit on guitar craftsmen, the latest Public Art Fund's installation in Central Park, the history of the Flatiron Building, ticket availability for Wednesday's matinees on Broadway, or hear a favorite chamber music performance at Lincoln Center, just pull out the smart phone. Yes, "there's an app for that," to quote Apple's now popular and trademarked phrase. Several New York institutions and publications have jumped on the mobile bandwagon by developing apps to supplement your culture on the go. Here are several worth downloading.

Sixth Avenue Brooklyn

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