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Hump Day
Walking Off the Big Apple

What I Made
Scott Bedford's charmingly illustrated DIY projects frequently turn dross into gold. Even if you'd never embark on anything crafty, What I Made is a pleasure to read.

Clients from Hell
One way or another, we've all come into contact with those kind of people. A catalogue of outrages large and small.

Interesting Found Objects
Laura Handler, who runs a NYC product design firm, makes the case for stuff you might pass by without a second thought.

Torkil Gudnason
The Danish-born fashion photographer has an interesting, often amusing take on the industry he captures, particularly when dogs, cats, birds, and fruit are involved. Some images not safe for work.

The Staples Center: Artist Peter Root created his own metropolis
with the help of 100,000 staples.
[Via: Like Cool]

Words with Friends
Reeves Wiedeman proposes the honor system for the online Scrabble game, to end the 'epidemic of guessing': for words of three or more letters, you should be able to offer a definition. A noble sentiment, but we wouldn't trust our family or friends as far as we could throw them.

Banana Sculptures
The ne plus ultra of the internet.

Cultural and literary notes, plus self-guided walks, courtesy of Walking Off the Big Apple, a strolling guide to New York City.

In Downtown Brooklyn, the Once and Future Fulton Street Mall

The recent modernization of the Fulton Street Mall is just one part of the changing landscape of downtown Brooklyn, but when considered as a part of a larger landscape, this busy thoroughfare is attracting more interest of businesses and developers. When Danny Meyer of Shake Shack sets his eyes upon a particular location, as he has here, the first Brooklyn location for the popular burger joint, then surely there's not a better measure in contemporary New York for impending neighborhood change.

The Fulton Street Mall, stretching from Adams Street near Columbus Park and Brooklyn Borough Hall on the west to Flatbush Avenue on the east, has long been one of the top commercial destinations in New York, but several new residential developments have sprung up nearby, spurred in many cases by tax credits and other incentives. The mall functions not just in its own right as an unusual pedestrian and transit thoroughfare lined with stores, but considered geographically, the mall links Brooklyn Heights on the west with the BAM Cultural District area to the southeast. Watch what is happening in and around Fulton Street, and you'll see the changing face of old Brooklyn. Better yet, walk it. [Continued]


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