info 02.19.07

Ill On Candy

Times are tough. Look at all that mortifying cellulite.

Relax. We're talking about our butts. Sigh.

We're on a serious sugar high here. As if you didn't know. We confess, we've been unfaithful to our diet. Marshmallow Peeps! Woo-hoo. Easter's coming! Oh, like you wouldn't. Nah, you're too strong. Yeah, right.

But, really, what do guys think about, anyway? We get it. Really. It's always a good time to exfoliate.

Have you walked through puddles in stiletto heels? No fun. But you're no wimp. You've left the house without makeup. Fess up. Cuz we've seen you.

Um, word to the wise? Don't think of heading off to the gym (you do go to the gym, don't you?) without the Luscious Duchess gym bag.

Let's see, what ideas can we steal from MUG today? Hey, a NYC trivia quiz! Answers posted after 3pm! No one will call us out on it. Cause we're candy, baby!

And that's not the sugar high talking here.

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