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Imelda May

A bracing, syncopated shot of musical talent is headed this way.

Her name's Imelda May, a native of Ireland, and her breakout song, Johnny Got a Boom Boom, got us with its deep down sound. It could work as the soundtrack to the opening credits of a Sopranos movie, but it will improve any kind of playlist this summer.

May has slap-bass rockabilly in her blood. Yet it's the combo of a great voice, smart songwriting, and incomparable backup that earned her an instantly passionate following in the U.K. And when you listen to her first album, Love Tattoo, released stateside on August 11th, it's clear she's able to do more than stomp – several of the cuts are bluesy, even croon-friendly.

Listen to Johnny Got a Boom Boom here and watch a video here. You can catch her live in her first U.S. gig on August 11th at the Mercury Lounge – it's not on the website yet but it's happening.

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