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Indie Bookstores
Plus: CityQuiz, Literary Ed.

It's Indie Bookstore Week in NYC, the first-ever, and it kicks off on November 11th at powerHouseArena, 37 Main [Water/Front] 718.666.3049, 7-10pm, with an interesting lineup of writers (including Michael Greenberg, Jennifer Egan, and Kurt Andersen), a performance by Jones Street Station, wine and beer. Suggested donation is $10, going to benefit the essential group The Independent Booksellers of NYC (IBNYC). Note that the official dates are between November 15th-21st, but many bookstores are having events from the 12th on.


Alabaster Bookshop (used)
Archivia Books (design)
Argosy Book Store (rare)
Bank Street Books (kids)
Bauman Rare Books (rare)
Bluestockings (activist)
Bonnie Slotnick Cookbooks (food)
Bookberries (general)
Bookbook (biography)
Book Culture (general)
Books of Wonder (kids)
Chartwell Booksellers (general/rare/Churchilliana)
Choices (spiritual)
The Complete Traveller (vintage travel)
The Corner Bookstore (general)
Crawford Doyle Booksellers (general)
Dashwood Books (photography)
The Drama Book Shop (theater)
East Village Books and Records (used)
East West Living (spiritual)
Fashion Design Books (fashion)
Globe Trippin (general)
Housing Works Bookstore Cafe (used)
Hue-Man Bookstore & Cafe (black studies)
Idlewild Books (travel)
Imperial Fine Books (leatherbound)
Jewish Book Center of The Workmen's Circle (Jewish)
J.N. Barfield (rare)
Joanne Hendricks, Cookbooks (food)
John McWhinnie (art)
Kitchen Arts & Letters (food)
Left Bank Books (new/used)
Libreria Caliope (Spanish)
Logos Bookstore (Judeo-Christian)
McNally Jackson Books (general)
Mercer Street Books (new/used)
Mysterious Bookshop (mystery)
192 Books (general)
Partners & Crime Mystery Booksellers (mystery)
Penn Books (general)
Posman Books (general)
Potterton Books (design)
The Quest Bookshop (spiritual)
Revolution Books (revolutionary)
Rizzoli Bookstore (general)
Shakespeare & Co. Booksellers (general)
Sister's Uptown Bookstore (black studies)
Skyline Books (used)
St. Mark's Bookshop (general)
Strand Book Store (new/used)
Taschen Store (art/fashion/design)
Three Lives & Company (general)
Traveler's Choice Bookstore (travel)
United Nations Bookshop (international)
Unoppressive Non-Imperialist Bargain Books (used)
Urban Center Books (architecture/design/urbanism)
Ursus Books (art)
Westsider Books (used/rare)

Atlantic Bookshop (used/rare)
Babbo's Books (new/used)
BookCourt (general)
The BookMark Shoppe (general)
Brownstone Books (general)
The Community Bookstore (general)
Freebird Books (used)
Greenlight Bookstore (general)
Melville House (general)
powerHouse Arena (art/fashion/pop culture)
Pranga Bookstore (new/used)
P.S. Bookshop (used)
Rocketship (graphic novels/comics)
Spoonbill & Sugartown, Booksellers (new/used)
WORD (general)

Seaburn Bookstore (general)

Clove Lake Book Store (general)
Everything Goes Book Cafe & Neighborhood Stage (used)

CityQuiz Literary Edition

Q: Wise Men Fish Here was on the sign outside of what late bookstore?
A: Gotham Book Mart

Q: It's been home to both Mark Twain and William S. Borroughs. Its name?
A: The Chelsea Hotel

Q: What 1980s book's protagonist lived at 816 Park Avenue?
A: Bonfire of the Vanities' Sherman McCoy.

Q: She's (arguably) best known for her novel Nightwood and lived for many years, famously recluse, on Patchin Place. Her name?
a) Jhane Barnes b) Djuna Barnes c) Jane Byrne d) June Lockhart e) Heather Locklear
A: Djuna Barnes

Q: Who wrote "Candy is dandy but liquor is quicker"? And no, it wasn't Dorothy Parker.
A: Ogden Nash

Q: The central character is Peter Lake in this magical realism novel which includes a white horse named Athansor that is able to fly. What's the name of the book?
A: Winter's Tale by Mark Helprin

Q: In Philip Roth's The Plot Against America, Roth invented an alternate history. In it, who became U.S. President instead of FDR?
A: Charles Lindbergh

Q: The terrazzo and brass cosmogram at the Schomburg Center, called Rivers, was created by Houston Conwill, Estella Conwill Majozo, and Joseph DePace. It's built over a tributary of the Harlem River and quotes from the poem The Negro Speaks of Rivers are used in the piece. The cremated remains of the poet and novelist who wrote that poem are buried beneath the cosmogram. Who is the poet and novelist?
A: Langston Hughes

Lever House Lobby by Barbara Kruger

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