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iPod Doctor

It used to be that if you were buying a Jag, the old saw went, you needed two: one for the shop and one to drive. There are times when we feel the same way about Apple products. Gotta love 'em, and we do, but there's a reason Tekserve's walls are covered with ailing Macs, in various stages of recovery.

iPods are no exception, and may be especially prone to trouble since they're on the go so much. Here's Apple's service FAQ.

An alternative: Demetrios Leontaris. His company is NYC iPod Doctor and here's how he describes his services:

· iPod Battery replacement (you won't lose your music)
· iPod Screen replacement (you won't lose your music)
· iPod Main Board, Scroll Wheel and Headphone Jack replacement (you won't lose your music)
· iPod Hard drive replacement (sorry, but you probably lost your music)

The website is nicely set up so that you can easily define the problem and get an estimate. And this doctor makes house calls. More info at the website or call 201.314.3357 to schedule an appointment.
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