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It Gets Better
Fight Back NY

The It Gets Better Project, started by writer Dan Savage just last month, has already become a crucial event on the way to equality for the LGBT community.

What Savage did, in response to the recent spike in bullying and violence against LGBT youth—and the resulting suicides—was create a simple video with his husband, Terry Miller, in which they talked about the problems they faced as gay kids and teens. In spite of the difficulties, they let those kids know that they're understood, they're not alone, and that it will get better.

Since then, everyone from President Obama to just folks have created their own It Gets Better videos. For LGBT youth despairing of your future, these videos can be a true lifeline. For everyone else, if you're despairing of your country, the videos can be a cheering antidote to the end-of-empire blues.

On a related note, if you want to get rid of the Albany dinosaurs blocking marriage equality, support Fight Back NY in its efforts.

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