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It's All About Us

A brief pause from the usual to give new readers the MUG skinny and remind longtime readers about how we do what we do.

What are your editorial policies?
We write about what we think will interest readers and what interests us. We accept nothing for editorial coverage, ever. No gifts, no money, no swag, no free meals. Nothing, period. We work anonymously except when it's impractical to do so — sometimes interviews make more sense at someone's workshop or store, for example.

But do you accept tips from readers?
Of course. They then get vetted like everything else.

How about releases from PR companies?
Yes, we like getting those, too.

What's the story with ads on MUG?
Here's the story: we are accepting up to 3 sponsored links within the daily email and we will email up to 3 separate sponsored emails per month. That's it. That's how we pay the bills.

Won't it affect editorial?
Separation of church and state is an issue for every publication. If we ever compromise our editorial, you'll sense it right away. Then you'll tell us. And then our credibility is shot. Not a sequence of events we ever want to happen.

How do you pick your topic each day?
There's no simple answer to that — your requests, our discoveries, our hunches, sometimes things are just in the air.

What's fair game for MUG?
Obviously, we're NYC-centric, and not just Manhattan (despite our name). If it happens here, plays here, was created here, can be bought here, is an industry here, affects people here, it's a possible article. We try to cast as wide a net as possible.

I can't stand MUG, what should I do?
Well, we'd like your feedback to know why, but in any case, you can always unsubscribe below. We'll be sorry to see you go.

I love MUG, what can I do?
Tell your friends, colleagues, family — that helps us a lot. And if you'd like to consider advertising on MUG, let us know.

It was all about us today. But enough about us, what do you think about us?
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