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We humans love logistics. We have always been inventive about getting things from here to there, whether those things are messages, money, beer or medicine, using smoke, drums, children, or pigeons.

Email and text messaging may have led to the downsizing of the carrier pigeon industry but that's not to say the birds didn't have a good run. Many had successful careers delivering messages and even medicines but some flew on the wrong side of the law.

It may seem all wrong now, but in our city in the 1880s, children were sent often sent from home, tin can in hand, to the local bar for an evening's worth of beer. The practice was called rushing the growler.

The future may see Amazon drones bringing us books or Pampers, but let's hope not.

Which brings us to jaffles. Jaffles are the Australian name for toasted sandwiches made in a jaffle maker, similar to a panini press. From Awesome Without Borders, we learn that some whimsy-driven Melbourne folks have created the Jafflechute. It is, and this should be obvious, a toasted sandwich parachute delivery service.

They're crowdsourcing now to bring the service to New York. In our complicated city, it's possible that bad things could happen to good sandwiches. But we're optimists. We think this city could really use at least one toasted sandwich parachute delivery service.

Rico Fonseca on West Third

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