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J'ai Faim!

One of favorite scenes in any movie is from Truffaut's Small Change in which the young girl pictured, exacts hilarious revenge on her parents by mischievously announcing over and over to her neighbors, via bullhorn, "J'ai faim!" In her (and Truffaut's) honor, a few bites…

Big Green Truck Pizza
It may be based in New Haven, but this wood-burning pizza oven has wheels, thanks to a restored 1946 International Harvester truck. If you've got a street, you've got your party made.

Blackberry Cabernet
Longtime gelato fave Ciao Bella recently won an award at the Fancy Food Show for their Blackberry Cabernet Sorbetto, which you can find in pints at fancy food retail outlets.

Pork & Sons
As Homer sings in the new Simpsons movie, "Spiderpig! Spiderpig! Does whatever a spiderpig does!" Which brings us to the award-winning cookbook called Pork & Sons, full of great recipes and charming stories. Available at Kitchen Arts and Letters.

Polish, Albanian, Dominican, Slavic, Mexican, and Asia markets
Peripatetic food follower Myra Alperson offers a new tour aroundRidgewood, with its unusual mix of ethnic markets. August 5th, 11:30am, details here.

The Food Section at the Fancy Food Show
The Food Section picks out some highlights from this year's show.

Avery Maharaja
On tap at d.b.a., hops galore in this Imperial India Pale Ale from Avery Brewing in Colorado.

Ronnybrook Milk Bar
Here's the menu from the new Ronnybrook Milk Bar at Chelsea Market (PDF). We haven't seen a lunch menu in a long time quite as mouth-watering.

Mountain Cheeses
At Murray's on August 8th, 6:30-8pm, a few seats are left for the Mountain Cheeses: 1 Year Later class. Nathalie Jordi, who has worked for Neal's Yard, will lead the tasting of Alpine yearlings. $50.

Green Chefs
Via Epicurious, we learn of Grist's list of 15 Green Chefs. Some you'll know, many you may not.

AbsintheHere's the pitch from Morrell for Lucid Absinthe: "The first true, Grande Wormwood-based Absinthe available in the United States legally since before prohibition." The first release sold out; they're taking orders for the new batch, due momentarily.

What to Drink with Your Burger
That inestimable duo of Karen Page and Andrew Dornenburg answer the age-old question in the Washington Post.

Even if it isn't an old-timey, real live clambake, the James Beard House will host their annual version on August 7th, 7pm, $155. Looking at the menu — who needs the beach?

BBQ and Music
You can have your 'cue with live music or straight up at Hill Country, the hot new barbecue hall. Music times are here.

Asian Seafood Grilling
Ted Siegel, a chef who worked at Chez Panisse, teaches you how to work Asian flavors into summer seafood grilling in this class at the Institute of Culinary Education, August 3rd, 6pm-10:30pm, $105.

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