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Jean Rousseau

If you're in the market for leather goods, Jean Rousseau, 373 Mad [45th/46th] 646.861.0805, has a beautiful array, including as watch straps (for Apple Watch, too), wallets, bags, and belts. Watch straps start at $130. They also have a line that is "100% non-leather."

You could nip into the store, drop a wad, and be perfectly happy with your acquisition. But you'd be missing out on what may be the best feature of Jean Rousseau: customization.

This is what they say about their bespoke service: "If you dream of having a handbag that matches your favorite heels, a leather watch strap in the same color as your lucky tie…Maison Jean Rousseau will make every effort to customize an item to fulfill your specific request." They're not just willing to deal with a special order, they're happy to do it.

Let's say you want a custom watch strap: you'll get to choose the materials and finishing, the lining, the edging, stitching, buckle, pin holes, loops, padding profile, and strap thickness. And the pricing is, in our view, reasonable for the service.

A luxury, of course, and a fine one, indeed.

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Jean Rousseau

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