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Jutta Neumann
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A line from Isadora Duncan to Jutta Neumann, 355 East 4th [C/D] 212.982.7048, goes this way:

Isadora Duncan, one of the pioneers of modern dance, had a brother named Raymond, who would make sandals for himself and his sister.

Raymond's son, Menalkus Duncan, also learned to work with leather. With us so far?

Menalkus taught the trade to Barbara Shaum many decades ago in Provincetown. German-born Jutta Neumann learned leather from Barbara Shaum.

In 1994, Ms. Neumann opened her workshop/store on Allen Street; now she's just a few blocks over from Ms. Shaum (who continues her excellent work at 60 E. 4th).

Ms. Neumann is probably best known for her leather sandals, which come in several dozen styles for men and women. She also makes attractive, understated bags, wallets and belts as well as necklaces. The leather comes from around the world, the pieces are created on site. The workmanship is superb.

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