shopping 06.4.03

Kaas Glassworks

Open less than a week, Kaas Glassworks, 117 Perry [Hudson/Greenwich] 212.366.0322, is a small, charming shop that sells small, charming decoupage trays, handmade by the husband and wife who own it. The felt-bottom trays are made of glass and the decoupage work is beneath: all kinds of fanciful antique print repros are used from old advertisements to simple patterns. A 5Ω by 5Ω square is $48. Great house gifts, they can be mounted on the wall or used on a table.
Regarding William Grimes' three-star review of Bolo today in the Times: either Bobby Flay has gotten back to work there after our tough review in March or Mr. Grimes is a crackhead. We'll assume the former and look forward to a return visit.

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