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Kathy and Mo

Lucy and Ethel…Patsy and Edina…Kathy and Mo…

It's been nearly two decades since Kathy Najimy and Mo Gaffney wrote and starred in the Second Stage production of "The Further Adventures of Kathy and Mo." To celebrate Second Stage's 25th anniversary, Kathy and Mo are teamed up again for "Afterbirth: Kathy and Mo's Greatest Hits." Separately, Ms. Najimy and Ms. Gaffney are a riot; together they rank as one of the all-time great comedy teams.

The bad news is they're only doing 30 performances. The good news is that although many of the tickets have gone to Second Stage subscribers, there are some left for all performances. But there won't be for long — that's why we're letting you know now.

Dates: June 11-July 11
Price: $60
Where: Second Stage, 307 W. 43rd [8th]
Tickets: 212.246.4422 or here
"Beautiful Child," Nicky Silver's challenging new play at the Vineyard, drew some tough reviews, but we agree with Newsday's Linda Winer who wrote about Mr. Silver: "the return of his voice is a pleasure."

The cable channel Trio has some interesting programming this month called "Uncovered TV" — various programs that have rarely or never been seen here. These include the documentary "Shocked" about "South Park"'s creators and a cartoon they created that was extreme even by "South Park" standards. There's a 1959 drama series called "Johnny Staccato" starring John Cassavetes about a West Village jazz pianist who moonlights as a detective. Costa-Gavras' 2002 film "Amen" about the Holocaust will also be shown.

Orson Welles' films are featured at Film Forum through April 15, including all the greats and many lesser-knowns: "F is for Fake" and "Mr. Arkadin" to name two.

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