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Key Rings

Most keys are unloved, utilitarian objects, but, once in a while, a key takes on layers of meaning, evocative of a time, perhaps, or a place, or a person.

Brooklyn-based Kiel Mead, currently studying at Pratt, creates rings using a part of a key (anything from common household keys to vintage car keys) where a jewel or stone might have been placed.

The rings are available at Amy Chan, 247 Mulberry [Prince/Spring] 212.966.3417, for $90, at Future Perfect, 115 N. 6th [Berry/Wythe] Bklyn 718.599.6278, for $80. For custom pieces, you can email the designer at
We didn't send out the daily email for the past two days while our crack (addicted) technical team looked at Da Vinci paintings for clues to our code. Or something. Anyway, we're back. Maybe.

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