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Klipsch Speakers
Every Person in New York

We spend too much time at our computer. You, too? If your work situation allows you to listen to music, you'll love Klipsch's ProMedia 2.1 speakers. They'll channel thrillingly pristine sound while you slog away at the keyboard.

The Klipsch company was founded by audio engineer Paul Klipsch in 1946. He was a man from Hope (Arkansas), who was determined to hear the true sound of an orchestra in his home. Perhaps a man with so many plosives in his name wanted to leave the world a more euphonious place. In any case, notwithstanding that audiophiles are an argumentative lot, the consensus has long been that Klipsch makes great speakers.

The ProMedia line has been around for almost a decade now—road-tested and still rocking. Are they beautiful? Not so much. But the sound that comes out of them is. The price for the two speakers, plus subwoofer, is $155 at Best Buy, $149.99 through Klipsch itself.

If you can find yourself any disposable c-notes, you'll find yourself with C Notes you never knew you had.

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