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The process by which Ernestine Ruben achieves her hauntingly beautiful photographs is called gum dichromate. It's one of photography's earliest image-making techniques, and was used by some of the medium's masters, including Steichen. You don't see it much today, not least because it's a time-consuming drag to go through its many steps. However, the evanescent, watercolor-like effects with which it imbues the photographs can be gorgeous, as is most certainly the case here.

Her show "Landscapes" will be at the John Stevenson Gallery, 338 W. 23rd [8th/9th] 212.352.0070, until October 18. The 30 large images are set in unfamiliar, sometimes exotic locales such as Antarctica, Welsh forests, and African savannahs. While you're at the gallery, don't miss Peter Fink's vintage New York photographs upstairs. www.johnstevenson-gallery.
"100 Dresses" is an upcoming exhibition of paintings by Nancy Mitchnick at Cue Art, 511 W. 25th [10th/11th] 212.206.3583, Its inspiration is explained by the artist:

"I read this book as a child that I always remembered: a girl who wore the same tired dress to school everyday, in a moment of confidence, told the 'popular' girls that really she had — in her closet at home — one hundred dresses. When they snidely asked why she always wore the same old plaid school dress she explained that the dresses were all party dresses, and not appropriate for weekdays.

As a child I had fancier dresses than the kids in my neighborhood because my Mother's New York aunts liked to send party clothes and books on manners hoping to encourage a cultural shift. There are lots of ways to be an outsider, and having ridiculously fancy dresses in a working class Polish neighborhood in Detroit is definitely one of them…" Opens October 16.

From yesterday's Post:
"Duane Reade Inc., New York City's largest drugstore chain, said third-quarter profits fell more than forecast because of slower prescription drug sales and the August power outage."

Yeah, right…blackouts. Maybe Mercury was in retrograde, too.

How about considering this, Duane Reade: your service just plain sucks.

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