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Last-Minute Gifts

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, by the late Stieg Larsson, is a richly atmospheric Swedish murder mystery, with two compelling protagonists.

In some houses, a bottle of Chartreuse goes to the back of the liquor stash. But not at ours. The potent brew of 130 herbs, plants, and flowers, concocted by Carthusian monks, is a reliable and ever-welcome winter warmer.

True, the Lady M Mille Crêpes Cake is a box of cream masquerading as a dessert. And icebox cake may be more Recession-appropriate. But we think the Lady M cake is worth every insanely delicious bite.

Dysfunctional families will either pass the holidays more agreeably with Quelf or, alternatively, kill each other.

The popular, super-simple Flip videocam now comes in an HD version. Perfect for documenting either Quelf scenario above.

Hang the solar-powered Double Rainbow Maker in a window and the two crystals will spin colors around the room.

We generally take a dim view of label-mongering, but we think this Makeup Bag from Bendels, covered with the store's logos over the years, is pretty great.

We're coveting this cashmere hoody from Patagonia. Yes, it's expensive,
but it's cashmere and it's a hoody.

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