shopping 12.19.06

Last-Minute Shopping List

Points for originality? None. Points for quality and long-term use? Let's say 500. We'd be happy with just about anything from Seize sur Vingt, 243 Elizabeth [Houston/Prince] 212.343.0476, and that includes this aqua- and kelly green-striped Egyptian cotton shirt. $170.

For stocking stuffers, what's on the tables right now at Restoration Hardware, 935 Bway [21st/22nd] 212.260.9479, can't be beat: a snowman kit, tools, toys, and $69 cashmere slippers.

What's not to like: Working Class, 168 Duane [Hudson/Greenwich] 212.941.1199, is a store with sharp merch, a fun website, and this Lulu Guinness Put on Your Pearls Compact ($126).

The earphones from Bang and Olufsen are stylish and really comfortable to wear with an iPod. The clippy thing that fits over your ear moves up and down as well as side to side. The sound quality's great, too. Pricey, but to our ears, worth it. $160.

At the Chocolate Bar, 48 8th [Jane/Horatio] 212.366.1541, any of the four big beauties in the Atomic collection would earn ganache-fueled smiles from sweet-toothed giftees. The Black and White is made of marshmallow, caramel, graham cracker, all encased in dark chocolate. A box of three is $17.50.

Even the Children of the Corn would look adorable in one of the Mullins Square Hooded Tubbie Towels available at
The Bathroom, 94 Charles [Bleecker] 212.929.1449. They're $40 and come in various animal styles.

Mason Cash continues to make traditional English ceramic kitchenware, as they have for over 200 years. Pick up baking dishes, mixing bowls, and mortar and pestles at Bowery Kitchen, Chelsea Market, 212.376.4982. A 13-inch mixing bowl is $41.50.

Lafco, 285 Lafayette [Jersey] 212.925.0001, sells the best lines of (mostly) Italian perfumes, soaps, and candles. You'll find Florence's Santa Maria Novella line (including the new fragrance Kyoto, $84 for 3.3 oz.), Lorenzo Villoresi, Trilogy botanicals, and Eau d'Italie.


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