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Artist Joy Nagy's passing interest in the burdock plant, a common weed, turned into a longterm artistic and nearly philosophical meditation. The results are on view at the Staten Island Museum, beginning October 10th.

The Birch Leaf Earrings sold at the NY Botanical Garden gift shop are real leaves, solid or filigreed, preserved in gold or silver. $42.

Fall Foliage
New York
New Jersey
New Hampshire

The plan is to plant one million new trees in the five boroughs over ten years. See how you can get involved with Million Trees NYC here.

Last week in our new series MUG Under $21, we featured Erica Weiner's Sparrow Earrings (which a reader points out are actually swallow earrings). Today, ground meat. Since extravagant showboaters like DB Bistro Moderne's $32 hamburger are on the back burner these days, here's a way to enjoy a sensational burger at a more down-to-earth price. Get Lobel's, 1096 Mad [82nd/83rd] 212.737.1372, ground beef—a mix of USDA prime and American Wagyu ground chuck, sirloin, and tenderloin. Lobel's meats are famously good and famously expensive. But a pound of this beef, $15.98, can sizzle into the best burgers you ever made.

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