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Let Me Speak To Your Supervisor!

Get it off your chest here…In addition to the specific city, state, and federal agencies detailed below, the city's 311 number is a great routing service for complaints. Filing a report with the Better Business Bureau can be a) therapeutic and b) useful for other consumers as well as publications such as MUG — we won't knowingly ever recommend a company or service with an unsatisfactory rating.

DOT's Aviation Consumer Protection Division. Specific airline Customer Relations Managers.

Cable TV
Dept. of Information Technology & Telecommunications

Office of the Attorney General

Civil Rights
Office of the Attorney General

Consumer Fraud
Office of the Attorney General

Consumer Goods and Services
Department of Consumer Affairs Info, Complaint Form.

Consumer Product Safety
Consumer Product Safety Commission

Do Not Call Violations

Fake/Toy Gun Sales
Department of Consumer Affairs

Heat and Hot Water
Call 311. More info.

Call the NYS Insurance Dept., Consumer Services Bureau at 212.480.6400.

Hospital Care
Call the NYS Dept. of Health at 212.268.6554.

Identity Theft

Illegal Dumping
Dept. of Sanitation

Investor Protection
Office of the Attorney General

Mobile Phone Dead Spots


Public Advocate for the City of NY

Police Officer Conduct
Civilian Complaint Review Board

Call 311 or use the DOT form.

Rent Security Deposit
Office of the Attorney General

Dept. of Health and Mental Hygiene

Smoking Indoors
Bureau of Tobacco Control

Office of the Attorney General

Street Lights

Taxi and Limousine Commission

Traffic Signals and Signs
Call 311. More info.

Websites or Internet Service Providers
Office of the Attorney General
joe's honor of President's Day, a link back to Presidentialpalooza.

And speaking of President's Day, we'll be off on Monday (but joe's nyc will be posting a new photo — so check in for that.)

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