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Let Me Speak to Your Supervisor!
Every Person in New York

It's anti-Valentine's day today on MUG, a little counterweight to the sweetness and light: companies, businesses, organizations, and individuals whose work, attitude, or ethics, in our view, leave much to be desired.

Hotel Carter
We checked in to the Hotel Carter, 250 W. 43rd [7th/8th] 212.944.6000, a number of years ago to get a feel for the Carter and a more recent visit suggested not whole lot has changed. Rooms look like they're suffering from a bad hangover; they're dingy, dirty, depressing, and you cringe from the street noise. Even the hallways look like they've fallen off the wagon.

Speaking of wagons, when it comes to perennial least favorite U-Haul, we'd advise you to hitch your wagon elsewhere. The company somehow gets a mind-boggling "A+" rating from the Better Business Bureau. In our view, that says more about the BBB these days than it does about the customer experience of U-Haul. Consider that the BBB itself has received 1726 complaints in the last three years about the company. Over 1000 of those were Problems with Product/Service. There were Billing/Collection Issues and Advertising/Sales Issues. For actual customer experiences, read the reviews on Yelp, epinions, PlanetFeedback, Consumer Affairs, Pissed Consumer. Finally, there are many safety concerns having to do with U-Haul equipment. Get an overview here.

Oh, original Fairway. You just really suck big time. Yes, some of your comestibles are worthy, but your prepared foods? Yikes. And what's with the non-existent selection of local artisanal goods—have you not heard of Brooklyn? And why the endless contempt for the experience of your customers who have never, ever left the premises in better spirits than when they came in? Get out of the 1970s and fix your mess of a store. (And please find some butchers without anger management issues. Thank you.)

Home Depot
The record of Home Depot's company policies and customer complaints goes back many years and it's not pretty: suits brought, and settled, of discrimination and retaliation, fraud, and deceptive practices. It would be nice to report that complaints have abated but… not so much.

Causing frustration was once the lifeblood of NYC bureaucracy. That the City, as an entity, existed to make our lives miserable, was one of the only things on which New Yorkers could ever agree. The City, though, has made strides in improving its service side in the past decade or so, starting perhaps with 311 and evident in many small but important ways over the years. Landlords still have some issues. Both are evident in the following lists: Top Ten Elevator Offenders and NYC's Worst Landlord.

The Subway
Depending on our mood and the experiences of the day, we can think, 'How amazing this old subway system works at all!' or, alternatively, 'Nightmare.' The Straphangers Campaign's State of the Subways Report Card has a tie for worst subway line: the 2 and the C.

JFK Terminal 3 + Delta
The subway system looks like a model of efficiency and charm compared to JFK's Terminal 3, from which Delta plies its pitiful service in the form of an airline. Frommers ranks the terminal as the worst in the world. According to Frommers, "Terminal 3 is known for endless immigration lines in a dank basement, for an utter lack of food and shopping options, three crowded and confusing entry points, hallways that could have been designed by M.C Escher and for vomiting international travelers out onto an underground sidewalk with no cabs available. There's also a sense that the cleaning crew gave up in despair a while ago." A renovation is supposed to take place next year.

Bally Total Fitness
Duane Reade

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Jason Polan started Every Person in New York in March of 2008. He plans on working on the project until it is finished. Look for Every Person in New York on Tuesdays in MUG and daily at Jason's site.

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