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Life on the Ledge

We've often thought about doing a series on career changers for MUG — we're always hearing stories about the corporate lawyer who chucked it all to manufacture a better Bongo Board, or the former doorman who decided coding software was really his calling.

Whether or not we do that series, have you heard the one about the punk rocker who became a window washer, and is now a memoirist, too?

His name is Ivor Hanson and he's certainly got an unusual resume: A graduate of Vassar and Columbia J School for his masters, he also was in some serious punk bands: S.O.A, which was Henry Rollins' first band, Faith, and Embrace with Ian MacKaye.

How he went from punk rocker to NYC window cleaner is chronicled is his new book Life on the Ledge (Two Dollar Radio, $14). Mr. Hanson is a good storyteller and he has good stories to tell. Read a short excerpt here.
Tuba Christmas will be held this year at Rock Center on December 10th, 3:30pm. You can read the story behind this tradition here.


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